More control, less power, longer life

LightSpaceâ„¢ control technology, discover how ActiveLED with motion activation can reduce your lighting costs

Motion Activated Lights

ActiveLED Motion Activated Light Fixtures with built-in or external motion sensors. Built for endurance and reliability, the motion sensors require no maintenance other than occasional cleaning.

Built-in options of Daylight and Motion Activation achieve additional savings and ease of installation as no time clock is required in the circuit.

ActiveLED motion activation technology is among the most advanced technologies available today:

  • Trigger timeout programmable 10s..5h
  • Warning timeout (after trigger timeout expired) programmable 10s..5h
  • ON light level programmable 10%..100%
  • OFF light level programmable 0%..100%

ActiveLED has a number of devices that can use EDSaP motion sensors in conjunction with conventional lighting as well as step dimming of up to four circuits using a LightSpaceâ„¢ Relay Controller.

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