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Security, Walkway and Landscape Lights

Select from our vast range of ActiveLED Security, Walkway and Landscape Lighting Products based on the most advanced lighting technology available today. ActiveLED light fixtures and drivers are designed to last at least 10 years under any reasonable environmental conditions with a 10 year "No Light Loss" guarantee.

Ringdale makes some very sophisticated controls that are easy to use and just as robust as our lights which you can find in the Lighting Accessories section below. ActiveLED power supplies and lighting fixtures also connect to just about any other make of building management system using a Ringdale BMS Adapter.

Many of our products can be made emergency lights by simply plugging into a Ringdale Emergency Battery Pack and they are 48V-DC capable.

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Walkway and Landscape


Security Lights

Security Lighting for your yard lighting, entrance to your land and property, loading docks and camera controlled areas.

Walkway Lights

Bollards with Light, Low to the ground bollards, overhead path lights

In Ground Lighting

ActiveLED makes a range of sealed in-ground buckets together with sealed and pressurized in-ground light fixtures with a 10 year no light loss guarantee