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ActiveLED® Lighting Company

For over 30 years Ringdale, also trading as ActiveLED Lighting Company, has been a technology innovator. Our state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities in USA, Texas and the UK, West Sussex design and manufacture within the framework of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard enabling us to provide the highest quality Lighting Solutions meeting ever changing customer needs.

ActiveLED® Energy Efficient Lighting

ActiveLED stands for lighting fixtures from Ringdale that provide energy efficient, intelligent LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial applications. The ActiveLED product line includes Street Lighting for roadways, parking area, pathway, wall pack and archtectural wall lighting, bollard, flood, recessed office ceiling panel and recessed can lighting, round high bay fixtures and linear high bay fixtures, parking garage, gas station canopy and specialist lighting. Integrated and highly sophisticated yet user friendly controls allow for added savings through dimming, motion sensor and zone management.

Through the combination of Optical, Mechanical, Electronic Engineering and Networking Technology our ActiveLED lighting fixtures provide energy savings which can be used to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint for lighting applications.

We offer bespoke lighting solutions which are designed entirely in-house to the highest standards, and manufactured in our own manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom or in licensed facilities in the rest of the world via our distribution partner facilities. We try to manufacture in the region for the region providing local jobs and better response to local market requirements.


A more sustainable future is important to our customers and that means it is important to Ringdale. Green is about the possibility rather than limitations or sacrifices. We at Ringdale are striving to make sure organizations do not have to compromise on cost, performance or reliability. That is why we are innovating new ways to make "being green" easier and save organizations money, reduce CO2 emissions and the reliance on fossil energy while improving the performance and longevity of lighting and controls.

ActiveLED® is a registered trademark of Ringdale Inc. and Ringdale UK respectively in USA, UK and in Germany.