Low-Profile Rollalong Light Cart / Shoplight for ActiveLED® 40

  • Low-Profile Rollalong shoplight Light Cart for ActiveLED® 40" Floodlights with various distribution patterns or Billboard Lights

  • Configured to support any ActiveLED® 40" Flood Light or Billboard Light, Light fixture sold separately

  • Light Fixture is easily rotated through 270° to allow precise adjustment of the illumination to the task

  • Select the Light Fixture that best suits the application - 26, 50, 75 or 104 Watts

    ActiveLED 40" fixture is easily installed - Cart has mounting holes to accommodate the Flood / BillBoard Light's Allthread mounting bolts

  • Basic Rollalong Light Cart is configured for AC line feed to power the light fixture.

    Optional Battery Box / Electronic Controls make the Cart Assembly fully mobile (cord-less) - Light Fixture is battery-powered - can be recharged from a standard wall outet

    - ~5 hours runtime when battery powered.

  • Optional ancillaries for Rollalong Cart:
    • Tray for tools
    • Battery Box and
    Electronic Controls
    • Optional 48V DC Battery

  • Convenient "winding ears" for neatly and safely storing power cables when not in use

  • Mobility provided by four black solid-rubber wheels for smooth, quiet rolling.
    Two wheels are fixed and two casters swivel 360° for easy placement at the task.
    Two casters also include locking brakes for safety

Low-Profile Rollalong Shop Light Cart for ActiveLED® 40" Flood or Billboard Lights

Mobile Task or Shop Light Cart - brightly illuminate work areas and tasks ideal for under wing maintenance or ship welding. ActiveLED® Light Fixture can be AC-powered, Battery-powered or both

Low-Profile Roll-along Light Cart is ideal for illuminating hard-to-see tasks with a bright, crisp light, for example under-wing aircraft maintenance or underneath trucks or military vehicles.

The low-profile roll-along Light Cart will accept any ActiveLED 40" Flood Light or Billboard Light fixture and provides precise adjustment of the fixture to the task. The Cart can be configured to support a standard AC line feed to the Flood Light using a suitable extension cord.

The Cart can optionally be configured with an on-board 52 Volt LiFePO4 DC Battery Pack and Electronic Controls to allow the Flood Light to be fully mobile and powered from the Battery Pack.
In this configuration, the Cart is truly cord-less and at the end of the working shift is simply plugged into a standard wall outlet (100 to 277 VAC) to be recharged ready for the next task. Batteries are not included, batteries ordered separately.

Schematic of ActiveLED® Low-Profile Roll-along Light Cart

This schematic illustrates the basic cart assembly, including the quick-assembly side arms and attached ears for holding the power cable when not in use. Also illustrated are the optional Battery Box and Electronic Controls.

00-27-1000-0044 Drawing

ActiveLED® Roll-along Cart Part Numbers:
● Basic Cart Assembly: 00-27-1000-0045
● Optional Battery Box and Controls: 00-27-1000-0045-A *
● Optional Tool Tray: 00-27-1000-0045-B
● Optional 52V DC Battery Pack *

* Runtime depends on type of batteries and number of recharge cycles. We provide Lead Acid and LiFePO4 battery systems. Lead Acid batteries in daily use full charge / discharge cycle are expected to half their capacity within 400..600 cycles. LiFePO4 are expected to reduce their capacity by 30% within 5000 charging cycles.

Technical Information

Cart Overall Dimensions:43.5" long x 20" wide x 6" high (110.5 x 50.8 x 15.2 cm)
Overall Height with Fixture Installed:??" maximum
Basic Cart Weight:31 lbs (14 Kg)
Optional Battery Box Assy:

Available space for Batteries:
Overall size: 17.5" x 8" x 8".

14" (L) x 7.8" (W) x 7.8" (H) (35.6 x 19.8 x 19.8 cm)
Batteries:• Optional 52V DC 18Ah Battery Pack, sealed lead-acid batteries.
• Universal Battery UB12180 or equivalent, Qty 4
Optional Battery Charger & Electronics:Universal auto-sensing 100-277 VAC
Finish:All parts finished in durable Silver powder coat
Cart Accessories:

Cart Part Number:
• 00-27-1000-0045-A = Battery Box & Electronics
• 00-27-1000-0045-B = Tool Tray


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