Magnetic Base for String Light in Hazardous Locations

  • All non-sparking metal enclosure with UL recognized potting resin for magnet for use at hazardous locations.

  • Non sparking knob for adjustment.

  • Very strong 1.8 Tesla (18000 Br) magnetic flux works well in steel tanks.

  • Explosion Proof Magnet and enclosure made in USA

  • Suitable for On-Shore, Off-Shore and Underwater applications.

  • 93-10025100-EX for Explosion Proof use in non-sparking enclosure or 93-10025100-BR for underwater/salt water use

Magnetic Base for String Light in Hazardous Locations

Unique Explosion Proof Strong Magnet with 140 lbs Holding Force for ActiveLED String Light keeps lighting and cabling organized inside steel tanks.

This magnet was specifically designed for the ActiveLED range of string and spider lights when deployed in hazardous and explosive steel tank environments.

The magnet is totally encapsulated with a robust non-sparking metal and a UL recognized resin for encapsulation making it truly explosion proof. The metal side has the magnetic field for durability and robustness with a holding force of over 140 lbs for the explosion proof version (-EX) of the product and 135 lbs for the underwater (-BR) version.

This device has the highest operating temperature range of its kind and will work throughout the range of temperatures that the affixed ActiveLED fixture is capable of.

The magnet, without a light fixture attached, can be used to keep wiring off the floor by attaching a cable cradle to it.

Order Number for pre-assembled kit (without cradle or light): 93-10025100-EX

Technical Information

Magnetic Flux1.8 Tesla (18000 Br)

Operating Temperature-55°C to +60°C (-55°F to +140°F)

Holding Force140 lbs - EX
135 lbs - BR

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