ActiveLED® LightSpace® Controller (LSC) with NTCIP option

  • LightSpace® Controller - Eight EDSaP inputs and eight EDSaP Outputs - with NTCIP option inputs may be used as outputs allowing 16 lights to be remotely controlled and monitored.

  • Ethernet 10/100base LAN connection, fits in a standard 19" Rack, 1-U high

  • Monitor, control and manage EDSaP compliant ActiveLED and other compliant electrical devices and Relay Controllers

  • Analyze lighting useage and trends to determine the optimal control parameters that maximize the energy / cost savings

  • Centrally control the light levels from 0 (off) to 100% (fully on) in 2% increments of all attached lighting zones (individually or total) to meet user needs

    NTCIP MIB supported

  • A scaleable architecture:

    Additional LightSpace Controllers can be interconnected via USB to provide seamless control of up to 40 ActiveLED lighting zones and up to 40 LightSpace Appliances.

    An unlimited number of LightSpace Controllers can be addressed via the Ethernet network.

  • Each LightSpace Controller can support up to eight LightSpace Appliances in any combination, including:
    • Remote Motion Sensor
    • Digital Rotary Dimmer
    • LightSpace Manager
    • Ambient Light Sensor

  • Each LightSpace Controller can support an almost limitless number of ActiveLED lighting fixtures that are configured in any combination in up to eight lighting zones / networks

LightSpace® Controller (LSC) Eight EDSaP inputs and eight EDSaP Outputs with NTCIP option

LightSpace® Controller (LSC) extends ActiveLED Lighting Zones to Ethernet and LightSpace Server. Allows up to eight EDSaP input channles and eight EDSaP output channels per device to be controlled by a program stored in the LSC. The LSC also has an PoE Ethernet connection extending the local EDSaP network to the Ethernet network.

The ActiveLED® Controller centrally controls the light levels of all attached lighting zones from 0 (off) to 100% (fully on) in 2% increments. The human interface can be to a GUI application on a PC connected to the controller via Ethernet, USB or Wireless.

The Controller can also be configured to manage lighting zones in conjunction with other LightSpace Appliances such as the LightSpace Manager and the LightSpace Remote Motion Sensor. In this configuration each Appliance controls a lighting zone while the Controller gathers and records lighting statistics for each zone, such as maximum and minimum light levels and durations.

ActiveLED® Lighting Fixtures can be interconnected to each other, building a lighting zone. A lighting network consists of one or many lighting zones, each zone may be individually connected to the LightSpace Controller, the sum of the lighting zones being a lighting network. A lighting zone can be as simple as a single light fixture, the fixtures in a room or section of a building, or perhaps all the fixtures in a building that are interconnected using ActiveLED's inexpensive communications cabling scheme.

Each LightSpace Controller can directly manage up to eight of these physical lighting zones to form a lighting network and up to five LightSpace Controllers (host plus four) can be locally interconnected via USB to provide control of up to 40 lighting zones. LightSpace Controllers can be remotely interconnected via an Ethernet network to provide seamless management as a single integrated lighting network.

Up to eight LightSpace Appliances (LightSpace Manager, Digital Rotary Dimmers, Motion Sensors, etc) can be attached to a single LightSpace Controller via a 6-wire RJ-12 cable. Up to five LightSpace Controllers can be locally interconnected via USB and at least 100 LightSpace Controllers can be remotely interconnected via an Ethernet network to provide seamless management of a single integrated lighting network.

LightSpace® Controller Functional Overview

The main functions of the LightSpace Controller include:

Stand-alone or networked controller for Roadway Tunnels, Hospital Suites, Parking Structures, Warehousing, Commercial Offices and many other applications.
• no Server required.
• in standalone mode integrated real-time clock triggers on and off sequences.
Simultaneous dimming of large numbers of light fixtures over Ethernet Network.
• no Server required.
Server Controlled Rule enforcement
Routing of Event and Data Collection to the ActiveLED LightSpace Server
ZigBee Radio Link option to the ActiveLED LightSpace Server
Zigbee Radio Link option between:
• one or many LightSpace appliances (Dimmers, LightSpace Managers) and Light Fixtures

LightSpace® Controller Physical Overview

The LightSpace Controller with its power supply is a 1U 19" Rack Mount for easy and secure installation. The following ports / connections are available:

Eight RJ-11 4-pin EDSaP channels, each one is for unidirectional communications directly to an ActiveLED Lighting fixture or zone as defined earlier.
Eight RJ-12 6-pin EDSaP channels, each one is for bi-directional communications directly to a LightSpace Appliance.
One 10/100 MB Ethernet port for connection to an Ethernet network.
Four USB ports for inter-connecting five Controllers together or connecting to a PC and the management software or attaching optional devices such as a Wireless Dongle.
Internal connector for the optional ZigBee wireless adapter.

LightSpace® Server Software Overview

LightSpace Server is state-of-the-art software technology running on all currently supported Microsoft Business or Education Platforms such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 as well as server platforms 2003 and 2008.
The database is MS-SQL or MS-SQL-Express. It's purpose is to collect events, device and zone configurations such as on and off times and dimming levels, as well as storing rules for enterprise wide enforcement if that option is installed.

The service can be controlled through an HTML-5 compliant browser interface. Compatible browsers are Safari, Firefox and MS-Explorer 10.
The supplied LSCServiceConfig utility is used to configure the service with it's database settings.

ActiveLED® Technology

Ringdale uses the latest in energy efficient LEDs and LED modules producing equivalent or greater light output than fluorescent (HID) fixtures. Our state-of-the-art electronics monitor current and temperature of the substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions and a Lumen Lifetime of 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux).

ActiveLED® Warranties

We provide mechanically robust outdoor lighting systems; our warranties are 10 years on LED elements, fixtures, drivers / power supplies and the LightSpace Controller.

Ringdale is an ISO 9001:2000 company, registered under BSI certificate FM-1880. Ringdale provides products of the highest quality designed and manufactured in Texas, USA and in the United Kingdom.

LightSpace® Controller Part Number:

Standard Version > 00-27-0635-0000
NTCIP Version > 00-27-0635-0000-NTP

Technical Information

External Power Supply:

Power Output:
Universal AC Input, 90 ~ 264 VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz

48 VDC, 40W (0.84A)
Power Supply Approvals:UL, CUL, TUV, BSMI, CCC, CB, FCC, CE
Power Consumption:

Network Connection:
25 Watts maximum

10/100 MB RJ-45 Ethernet
Connections to EDSaP Devices:Eight RJ-11 4-pin uni-directional female connectors
Connections to EDSaP LightSpace Appliances:Eight RJ-12 6-pin bi-directional female connectors
USB Connections:Type A, qty 4
Supported Appliances:LightSpace Manager
LightSpace Rotary Dimmer
LightSpace Remote Motion Sensor
LightSpace Ambient Light Sensor

Fits in a standard 19" Rack, 1-U high
6.44" deep (16.4 cm), including power supply

3.4 lbs, 1.5 Kg

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