00-27-0101-0000: LightSpace® Hand-Held Remote IR Programmer for ActiveLED® Lighting Systems

  • LightSpace® Hand-Held Remote IR Programmer (H-RIP) for ActiveLED® Lighting Systems

  • Implement a digitally manageable and controllable ActiveLED occupancy zone / lighting network to save even more energy

  • Remotely program and reprogram one or many ActiveLED lighting fixtures and appliances that are IR Receiver enabled

  • Connects to any PC or Laptop via a standard USB cable (supplied)

  • There is no limit to the number of ActiveLED lights or IR Controller managed lights that can be programmed / reprogrammed from one LightSpace IR Programmer

  • Product includes:
    • Remote Hand-Held IR-
    • 6-foot long USB cable
    • CD with the IR-

  • Programming parameters include:
    • Immediate Control:
    On, Off, Auto, Light Level
    • Programmed max and
    min light levels
    • Motion sensing timing
    • Mid-level (warning) level
    and program timeout

    A 104 Watt ActiveLED High Bay Strip fixture that is dimmed down to light level 40, when there is no motion sensed, consumes just 9.36 Watt (9% of 104 Watt), saving 94.64 Watt, 91%

  • Satisfies the occupancy zone requirements of 2006 IECC

    Can reprogram ActiveLED Street Lights, High Bay Lighting, Wallpacks and all ActiveLED EDSaP compliant power supplies.

LightSpace® Hand-Held Remote IR Programmer for ActiveLED® Programmable Lighting Systems, part 00-27-0101-0000

LightSpace® USB Remote IR Programmer for remotely programming and reprogramming ActiveLED® LED Lights using InfraRed technology - range of up to 50 feet

LightSpace USB Remote IR Programmer (H-RIP) allows ActiveLED lighting systems to be programmed and reprogrammed remotely, at a distance of up to 60 feet. Lighting parameters including maximum and minimum light levels, motion sensing and timer settings can be changed as and when the lighting / occupancy zone requirements change.

The hand-held Remote IR Programmer connects to a PC or Laptop using a USB cable (provided) and is driven from the included software application on a Windows PC or Laptop.

The IR Programmer is aimed by line-of-sight at one or many ActiveLED Fixtures and/or LightSpace Appliances configured with the optional IR Receiver and new or revised program settings are uploaded from the PC application to the light fixture(s) via the IR link.

Example of Remote Hand-Held IR Programmer Application

A warehouse has installed ActiveLED High Bay Strip light fixtures with IR Motion Sensors.
Forklift trucks are constantly entering and exiting the warehouse and for day-to-day usage the fixtures are programmed as follows - After 15 minutes of inactivity the fixtures dim down to a mid-level position of 60 for 30 seconds (warning) and then dim to and stay at light level 30 until motion is detected, at which time they instantly revert back to 100%.

During the winter the warehouse is typically unused for two months and most of the ActiveLED light fixtures need to be reprogrammed to completely switch off when no motion is detected.

In July the warehouse is undergoing maintenance and all light fixtures need to be programmed to be permanently on at 100% during the maintenance period.
When the warehouse is ready to go back into production, the light fixtures are easily reprogrammed with the IR Programmer for the normal warehouse operation.

ActiveLED® Occupancy Zone / Lighting "Network" Definition

A group of controlled ActiveLED light fixtures can be interconnected to form an occupancy zone / lighting "network". The number of ActiveLED lighting fixtures and appliances configured as a lighting network can be anywhere from a single fixture to a virtually limitless quantity.

Depending upon the size and shape of the defined space and the number of entry and exit points, one or several LightSpace appliances can be combined in designing the occupancy zone to provide maximum energy savings. Please refer to the appropriate LightSpace Appliance datasheets (LightSpace Manager, etc.) for full details.

Schematic of ActiveLED® IR Programmer System with Application Screen-Shot

This schematic represents a PC with the IR-Programmer-Utility installed and connected to the Hand-Held Remote IP Programmer via the USB cable. In this scenario, an ActiveLED High Bay Strip light that is installed 35 feet up in the ceiling of a warehouse is being remotely reprogrammed using the IR link from the IR Programmer to the IR Motion Sensor / Receiver option in the light fixture.

00-27-0101-0000 Drawing

ActiveLED® Occupancy Zone / Lighting "Network" Programmability

The perceived light levels (dimming) of ActiveLED lighting systems can be programmed to suit the local preferences in 2% increments, from 0% (off) to 100% (fully on). Dependent upon the application and the customer preferences, this can be implemented on a by-fixture or on a by-zone basis.

The triggering of an occupancy sensor can also be programmed in one minute increments from 1 to 540 minutes (9 hours), after which time the lights will dim down to an intermediate warning level.
The sensor can then be programmed in one minute increments to further reduce the lighting to zero, or a pre-defined low lighting level, after an additional 1 to 540 minutes. The programming of an ActiveLED lighting system has two distinct benefits:

(1) Adjust the light levels to suit the application.
(2) Substantial energy savings from dimming ActiveLED fixtures.

The correlation between dimming levels / brightness settings and power savings is described in the following chart.


% Power

ActiveLED® Brightness Settings relative to Fixture Power Consumption



The ActiveLED system architecture is unique in its efficiency, design and the way the ActiveLED Elements are driven. This chart accurately details the substantial energy savings that can be achieved when deploying a manageable ActiveLED lighting network.

Combining this architecture with a LightSpace™ Appliance, including the LightSpace Manager-IR, provides additional energy savings.

Example One:
An ActiveLED 104 Watt High Bay Strip with the brightness dimmed down to brightness level 50, then the total power consumption of that fixture is 16.64 Watt (16% of 104 Watt) at this brightness level of 50.

Example Two:
An ActiveLED 104 Watt High Bay Strip with the brightness dimmed down to brightness level 30, then the total power consumption of that fixture is a mere 5.2 Watt (5% of 104 Watt) at this brightness level of 30.

This same chart and percentages not only apply to any of our lighting fixtures with the external dimming controls, including the Rotary Digital Dimmer and the LightSpace Manager, but also to any pre-programmed ActiveLED fixture.

Light output of ActiveLED fixtures can be dimmed in 50 steps, the chart on the left accurately portrays the percentage power consumption for each incremental brightness setting of 10.




















0 (off)

ActiveLED® Technology

Ringdale uses the latest in energy efficient LEDs and LED modules producing equivalent or greater light output than fluorescent (HID) fixtures. Our state-of-the-art electronics monitor current and temperature of the substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions and a Lumen Lifetime of 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux).

ActiveLED® Warranties

We provide mechanically robust LED lighting systems; our warranties are 10 years on LED elements, fixtures, drivers /power supplies and the LightSpace IR-Programmer.

ActiveLED is an ISO 9001:2015 company, providing products of the highest quality designed and manufactured in Texas and in the United Kingdom.

ActiveLED® LightSpace Hand-Held IR Programmer Part Number:


Technical Information

Product Contents:• IR Programmer (1)
• USB Cable (6')
• CD with Programming Utility (1)
IR Programmer Dimensions:

IR Programmer Weight:
3.56" (L) x 1.38" (W) x 1.00" (H)(9.1 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm).

0.13 lb (0.06 Kg)
USB Cable:Type A & B ends, 6 foot long
Prerequisites:ActiveLED lighting fixture or Appliance configured with the optional IR Receiver
IR Programmer Range:Up to 50 feet (line of sight)
Power:Powered by the USB connection
Regulatory Compliance:CE# 1616-10A
Part Number:00-27-0101-0000

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