FLCompact-H Series ActiveLED® Area Horizontal Pattern Compact Flood Light Fixtures

  • DLC Certified and Listed versions of ActiveLED Flood Lights are available, please refer to relevant datasheet for specific model numbers.

  • FLCompact-H Series ActiveLED® Area Horizontal Pattern Compact Flood Lights - Significant energy savings compared to conventional lighting, replacing up to 350 Watt legacy bulb fixtures

  • Simple, straightforward retrofit and virtually maintenance-free.
    Bright illumination of target with no light trespass - full cutoff compliant

  • ActiveLED - Environmentally Safe Lighting:
    • Zero mercury content
    • Eliminates disposal of
    hazardous materials
    • Facilitates LEED® points

  • Lumen Lifetime: 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux).

    CCT Color Temperatures - 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K In Accordance with ANSI C78.377A

  • Optional ActiveLED controls for additional energy savings:
    • Motion Sensor
    • Daylight Sensor
    • LightSpace Manager

    A 26 Watt ActiveLED Flood Light that is dimmed down to light level 50, for example after 2 am when it is very dark and traffic is light, consumes just 4.16 Wats (16% of 26 Watt), saving 19.84 Watt, 84%

  • Precise adjustment of the angle of the flood light via the convenient end-mounting bolts (10mm) allows the fixture to be adjusted for most applications

  • Silver, White, Charcoal Grey, Bronze or Brown finish, other colors available on request

FLCompact-H Series ActiveLED® Area Horizontal Pattern Compact Flood Lighting - an energy-efficient, easy retrofit for illuminating applications such parking lots, recreation areas and parks arenas, 8" to 13" long and 7 to 38 Watt fixtures

FLCompact-H series ActiveLED® Compact Area Horizontal Flood Light is configured for illuminating applications such as parking lots, recreation areas and parks.
With a CCT rating of 5000K the ActiveLED Area Horizontal Lights illuminate the playing field or parking lot evenly with a bright light that closely emulates the color of natural daylight, making night-time playing a day-time experience.

With its unique design, the light from the ActiveLED Compact Flood Lights is focused directly on the target, eliminating light pollution and resulting in significant energy savings – up to 90 percent. Additional energy savings can be achieved from the ActiveLED device’s optional daylight sensor and other intelligent controls.

The fixture design has optimized water management and cooling to be effective in the hottest of climates as well as performing without degradation down to -40°F (-40°C).

The only servicing required is the occasional cleaning of the diffuser, equivalent to the cleaning of conventional bulb lights.

ActiveLED® Area Horizontal Light Pattern Compact Flood Light Product Overview

Ringdale provides five models of ActiveLED Area Horizontal Pattern Compact Flood Light fixtures. Each is available in a choice of CCT color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K) (CCT5000K is recommended)

Product Code



Light Output


8.3 inches

7 Watt

~ 610 Lumens


8.3 inches

14 Watt

~ 1,220 Lumens


11.2 inches

20 Watt

~ 1,750 Lumens


13.3 inches

26 Watt

~ 2,280 Lumens


13.3 inches

38 Watt

~ 3,330 Lumens

ActiveLED® Technology

Ringdale uses the latest in energy efficient LEDs and LED modules. Our electronics monitor current and temperature of the substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions and a Lumen Lifetime of 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux).

ActiveLED® Diffuser Technology

We use state-of-the-art diffuser technology with a minimal amount of light loss within the fixture providing for maximum lighting efficiency.

ActiveLED® Warranties

We provide mechanically robust outdoor lighting systems; our warranties are 10 years on LED elements, fixtures and power supplies / drivers.

Ringdale is an ISO 9001:2000 company, registered under BSI certificate FM-1880. Ringdale provides products of the highest quality designed and manufactured in Texas, USA and in the United Kingdom.

ActiveLED® Configuration Options for FLCompact Flood Lights

The ActiveLED FLCompact Flood Lights can be factory-configured from a selection of Power Supply / Driver options for varying applications, including the following:
100-277 VAC 50/60 Hz.
277-480 VAC 50/60 Hz.
Integrated Solar Controller for pure Solar applications.
DC/DC Driver for 48 VDC supply applications.

ActiveLED® FLCompact-H Flood Light sample Part Numbers:

FL08U-AT-HF5006BZ, 8" 6/8 Watt Stadium Light, Bronze
FL08U-AT-HF5012BZ, 8" 12/14 Watt Stadium Light, Bronze
FL11U-AT-HF5018CG, 11" 18/20 Watt Stadium Light, Charcoal Grey
FL13U-AT-HF5024WH, 13" 24/26 Watt Stadium Light, White

NOTE: Mounting brackets not included, brackets sold separately.
Mounting bracket kit part number: 00-27-0002-0001.

Technical Information

Input Voltage:• Auto-sensing 100..277V AC, 50/60 Hz
• Digital Power Source, dedicated circuit strongly recommended
Power Statistics:Dependent upon model selected:
• 7, 14, 20, 26 or 38 Watt Fixtures
• 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 Watt LEDs
Light Output Equivalence:Up to 350 Watt legacy HID bulb technology
Listings and Tests:cUL Listed Driver, suitable for damp locations.
TM21 based on CALIPER ISTM Test to UL1598
CALIPER LM-79 Report, LM-80 info available
CE File, RoHS compliant, IP66 Rated.
Conforms to FCC Part 15.19 Subpart B Class A
Energy Factors:PF: > 0.95.THD: <20%, <10% typical
Dimensions:6.1" (w) x 4.8" (h) x 8.3', 11.2" or 13.3" (l)
(15.6 x 12.1 x 21.1, 28.4 or 33.8 cm)
Weights:• 8" = 7.0 lbs, 3.6 Kg
• 11" = 9.2 lbs, 4.2 Kg
• 13" = 11.0 lbs, 5.0 Kg
Operating Temperature:-58° F to +149° F (-50° C to +65° C)

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