Dual Relay Controller with Dual EDSaP Comms, AC-powered.

  • Two Relay Outputs (240V AC - 5A) can be independantly controlled from a LightSpace® EDSaP device directly connected to the unit or remotely.

  • Connects directly to an LSM, a LightSpace® Controller (LSC) via Ethernet, or through a ZigBee radio module.

  • The unit can be powered from 100V to 277V AC.

  • The output can follow the EDSaP LightSpace Manager input as a result of a user induced light level change, a motion event, or an EDSaP outdoor light sensor LSM, a IR remote control or a remote server when connected to an LSC.

  • The functionality is programmable on the device via an EDSaP to USB adapter and an application program running on a laptop.

  • Events can be logged by a server via LSC and actions taken by the rule engine of the LightSpace Server.

  • Each Relay has a programmable timeout counter associated with it so that machinery and lighting devices can be automatically turned off. The timeouts are triggered by the switch-input event associated with the relay, an LSM Motion, or LightLevel event or a remote trigger event from the server or a directly connected ZigBEE module.

LightSpace® 1665 Two Relay Controller 1/2in NPT mount

EDSaP Relay Actuator, (2) 120/240VAC Single Pole Relays, EDSaP Comms Ports, with integrated all voltage power supply.

Connects to Ringdale EDSaP motion activated sensors, daylight sensor, IR transceivers, ZigBEE radio modules and LSC Lightspace® controllers.

This device forms an integral part of the LightSpace® Building Automation System when it comes to providing energy savings without a larger building automation system or interfacing to legacy devices that are not EDSaP compliant.

The 1665 Relay Controller is the device that can turn legacy devices or non-EDSaP compliant devices ON or OFF.

LightSpace® devices are built for maximum flexibility, performance, low-power consumption.

The Relay Controller can be triggered and controlled by a multitude of LSMs and EDSaP compliant devices:

  • Analog Feel Rotary EDSaP Dimmer LSM
  • Digital Display 3 Button EDSaP Dimmer LSM
  • Digital Display 3 Button EDSaP Dimmer & Motion Sensor LSM
  • Digital Ceiling Mount EDSaP IR Dimmer & Motion Sensor LSM
  • Digital Display 3 Button EDSaP Daylight Sensor LSM

Other devices that can directly connect to the Relay Controller for applications like fan control, air conditioning control and those we have not thought of:

  • EDSaP Temperature Sensor
  • EDSaP Voltage Sensor
  • EDSaP to USB Dongle

For more information on the Ringdale LightSpace® Building Automation system www.ringdale.com/lightspace/.

Ringdale is in business for more than 30 years and deisgns and manufactures its devices within an audited ISO9000 quality system since 1986, certificate FM1880.

Part Number: 00-27-0665-0000

Technical Information

Power Supply:• 100-277V AC.• 48V DC (nominal)
Power Factor and THD:PF: >0.90 (100..277V).THD: <20%, typical <10%
Power Consumption:Max: 3 Watts

Standby: 0.5 Watt no external devices connected
EDSaP Communication:COM-1 and COM-2 ports, unit repeats
Relay Outputs:2 x Un-serviceable Relays: Single Pole - Normally Open
5A / 250V (derate for DC operation)
Relay outputs are potential free

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