1725-U Programmable Current Source (180mA to 900mA) Universal Voltage 100 to 277V-AC Input, 0...10V

  • Programmable

    Output current is programmable between 180mA and 900mA using a trim potentiometer

    Ten pre-programmed intelligent behaviors may be selected using a potentiometer.

  • LED drive capability 30 Watts

  • Touch Button

    On / Off Touch Button functionality - 5 step DIMMABLE when program 10 is selected. Uses Motion Input for connection of insulated capacitive touch surface.

  • Motion Sensor Option

    Input for ActiveLED IP68 motion sensor P/N 00-27-0627-0000 or open frame P/N 05-16270000

  • Daylight (Dusk to Dawn) Sensor Option

    ActiveLED Dust to Dawn Sensor P/N 07-77000250

1725 Intelligent Universal Voltage 100...277V-AC LED Driver is a Flicker-Free Programmable Constant Current Source

Programmable Current Source (180mA to 900mA) Class-II (US) UL1310 compliant LED Driver, short circuit protected.

This Active Power Factor Corrected AC Powered LED Driver is a 30W, Class II (US UL-1310) isolated device with the following features:

  • 100...277V AC - 50/60Hz
  • Output programmable between 180mA and 900mA
  • maximum LED drive capability 30 Watts
  • Suitable for wet locations when fully potted
  • Power factor > 0.92, typical 0.99
  • Efficiency >87% over input voltage range
  • THD <20% , typical 18%
  • On / Off Touch Button functionality - 5 step DIMMABLE

The driver has 10 pre-programmed behaviors:


Going from 0 to 1 back to 0 will toggle the active rest between 0% and 30% - the selection is indicated by the LED light output 0% = no light output and 30% = dim light output.
Program 1Motion control input is enabled, when triggered, a period of 10 seconds fully on, 10 seconds warning (50%) going to 0% or 30% active rest. The dusk to dawn (DD) sensor input is considered and if high (daylight) the motion input is ignored and the light output is 0%.
Program 2same as program 1 with motion enabled but a 1 minute interval, DD Sensor is considered.
Program 3 same as above but - 5 minute interval
Program 4 same as above but - 10 minute interval
Program 5same as above but - 15 minute interval
Program 6same as above but - 20 minute interval
Program 7same as above but - 25 minute interval
Program 8Motion disabled, DD disabled and 0-10V only
Program 9Motion disabled, DD enabled and 0-10V if night detected.
Program 10Motion and DD disabled - Touch Dimmer Only on Motion Input

Note: For touch dimmer applications (program 10) the sensitivity may have to be adjusted with an external resistor 50k..150kOhm between pin 1 and 2 of the motion input.

Chassis Ground may have to be connected to Signal Ground of the secondary side.

Order part numbers:

00-27-0725-0000 UL1598 listed enclosed with integral junction box
00-27-0725-0001 UL Recognized enclosed with 6" leads
05-17250011 UL recognized open frame

Technical Information

Supply Voltage

110..277V-AC (50/60 Hz)

Maximum Output Power


Output Voltage53V (no LED connected)
LED Voltage


Output Current

Adjustable Constant Current 60mA...900mA





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