Hazardous Location Lighting

HZL1 Series
Class I, Division 1

HZL1H Series

Class I, Division 1

HZL2 Series

Class I, Division 2

Vandal Resistant Lighting

VR10 Series Square

VRL Series Linear

VRL Series Linear with Solar

Correctional Facility Lighting

CF10 Series Correctional Facility

Outdoor Lighting

Canopy Lighting

CPY Series Garage Canopy Light

CPY4 Series Canopy Light

Specification Sheets

Flood & Signage Lighting

FL Series Flag Pole Light

FL Series Horizontal Flood

FL Series Narrow Flood

FL Series Shoebox Flood

FL Series Vertical Flood

FL Series Wall Wash Flood

Trail & Walkway Lighting

TWL Series Trail Light

TWL Series Wide Trail Light

Village Square Light

Street & Parking Lot Lighting

SL Series Street Light

SL Series Wide Street Light

Wall Mount Lighting

WP2 Series Wall Pack

WP2 Series Wall Pack w/Battery Backup

WSB Series Bristol Wall Sconce

WSO Series Outdoor Wall Sconce

Indoor Lighting

Accent Lighting

WSB Series Bristol Wall Sconce

WSF Series Florida Wall Sconce

WSI Series Indoor Wall Sconce

High Bay Lighting

HR14 Series High Bay Round

HR18 Series High Bay Round

HS Series High Bay Strip

Recessed Lighting

CLC Series 6" Can Light

CLC Series 7" Can Light

CLC Series 8" Can Light

CLP Series 6" Puck Light

CLP Series 8" Puck Light

OL2 Series 2x2 Indirect Troffer

OL2 Series 2x2 Lensed Troffer

OL4 Series 2x4 Indirect Troffer

OL4 Series 2x4 Lensed Troffer

OL11 Series 1x1 Lensed Troffer

OL14 Series 1x4 Lensed Troffer

Surface Mount Lighting

OL2 Series 2x2 Surface Mount

OL4 Series 2x4 Surface Mount

OL14 Series 1x4 Lensed Troffer

Lighting Controls

LightSpace Manager (LSM)

LightSpace Controller (LSC)

LightSpace Occupancy Sensor

The Explorer Energy Monitor

LED Drivers & Power Supplies

Remote Emergency Battery Backup Unit

Solar & Energy Storage

Remote Solar Controller

Solar Panels

LiFePO4 Batteries

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