1752 Solar Controller and LED Driver for ActiveLED® Lighting Systems

  • Intelligent ActiveLED® 1752 Solar Controller - Solid state device for managing and controlling a stand-alone, solar-charged and battery-powered, driverless light fixture, including ActiveLED lighting systems

  • Universal design for use with ActiveLED® lighting system, or any compatible solar-charged and battery-powered light assembly

  • Three dedicated Micro Processors to maximize battery life by monitoring and preventing under-charging and over-charging conditions as well as constantly adjusting maximum power of solar panel.

  • LED Indicators provide important status of both the attached Battery Pack & Solar Array

    EDSaP communication allow for Digital Dimming with ActiveLED LightSpace Manager (LSM) or LightSpace Controller (LSC) as well as 0...10V legacy dimming option.

  • IR Programmability allows re-programming of timers, on/off or auto modes, light levels associated with modes or timers.

  • Manages any 52V-DC LiFePO4 Battery Packs

    Manages and controls most Solar Arrays, from 22 Watts minimum to an array maximum of 660 Watts input power

  • No separate power supply required, it draws minimal current and is powered from either the battery pack or the solar array

  • ActiveLED® Technology -
    ActiveLED uses the latest in energy efficient LEDs and LED modules in all of its light fixtures, producing equivalent or greater light output than fluorescent light fixtures.

    Our state-of-the-art electronics monitor current and temperature of the substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions and a Lumen Lifetime of 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux)

1752 Intelligent Solar Controller with 8 channel LED Driver, Battery Charger and Management System for driverless ActiveLED® light fixtures

Intelligent ActiveLED® Controller manages the charging of a 52V Battery Pack from a Solar Array (up to 600 Watt input power), maximizing battery life, light output and illumination time.

ActiveLED® Intelligent Solar Controller is specifically designed to manage and control an ActiveLED® or compatible driverless LED Light fixtures. It harvests the maximum available solar energy and maximizes the available battery energy to power light fixtures at nighttime.

The ActiveLED 1752 Solar Controller can be used with any compatible Solar Panel Array, Battery Pack and light fixture. The product is micro-processor controlled and provides five major functions:

Monitor and control the attached solar array, battery pack and light fixture.
Harvest the maximum available solar energy for recharging the battery pack.
Maximize the life of the battery pack by preventing over and under-charging.
Maximize the light output and illumination time by managing the power consumption of the light fixture depending on the remaining battery capacity.
Protection of battery pack, solar array and electronics when any component is disconnected or when a low-battery condition exists.

Solar Controller Physical Overview

1752 Solar Controller consists of an ActiveLED designed and manufactured Printed Circuit Board Assembly housed in an aluminum chassis for maximum protection and heat dissipation.

The Solar Controller is designed to be installed inside a protective enclosure with the battery pack. The Solar Controller has DIN Rail connectors for connecting to the Battery Pack, Solar Array and up to eight Light Fixtures, for more details refer to "Connectors" in the "Technical Specifications" section to the left of this page.

Solar Controller Compatibility

The ActiveLED 1752 Solar Controller is compatible with any 52Volt DC LiFePO4 Battery Pack. ActiveLED provides typically LiFePO4 configurations of 16 (3.2V Cells) connected in series. Typical battery banks are 160Wh, 800Wh, 1,600Wh and 3,200Wh capacity, dependent upon the application.
The Solar Array can be one or two solar panels connected in series up to 78V combined input voltage or in parallel up to 16A @ 40V. Solar panel sizes accepted by the controller are a minimum of 22 Watts (minimum input voltage 12V to a maximum of 660 Watts.

Unique ActiveLED® System Capabilities

When the ActiveLED Solar Controller is used in combination with any ActiveLED driverless Lighting Fixture then additional capabilities and benefits associated with that fixture are available to the total system, including the following:

Cost savings - by implementing either smaller solar arrays (wattage) or smaller battery packs (wattage), or both, to power any highly efficient ActiveLED lighting fixture.
Extended battery life and extended illumination time of any highly efficient ActiveLED lighting fixture from a battery pack.
Further extend the illumination time of the LED light by deploying the optional Digital Dimmer and/or Motion Sensor.
Optional availability of Solar Assist - An ActiveLED light will be powered from the battery pack until the pack is depleted and will then seamlessly switch-over to Line Voltage for mission-critical lighting applications.

System Status - LED indicator lights can be added on the internal indicator option connector

Visible from the outside of the housing of the solar controller are one red and one green LED indicator. These colored indicators provide visual feed back on the status of critical performance parameters and functionality of the attached Battery Pack and Solar Array, including the following conditions:

Timer 1, 2 or 3 Active (1, 2 or 3 Green short blinks)
Occurs if any of the three timers are active (solar array is not generating power) but the batteries are connected and have sufficient operating capacity
State Darkness (red solid ON)
Occurs if Darkness detected for 2 minutes
State Daylight (red solid OFF)
Occurs if Daylight detected for 2 minutes
State in process of changing from Darkness to Daylight or vice versa (red blinking)
Occurs if the solar generator is starting to produce power or stopping to produce power
Battery disconnected or breaker tripped (red / green alternating blinking)
Occurs if the battery has not been connected, has a fault or the breaker has tripped

ActiveLED® Warranties

ActiveLED provides mechanically robust outdoor lighting systems; our warranty for the Solar Controller is 5 years on materials and workmanship.

ActiveLED is an ISO 9001:2015 company. ActiveLED provides products of the highest quality designed and manufactured in Texas, USA and in the United Kingdom.

1752 Solar Controller Part Number:
00-27-1752-00LF, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

ActiveLED® Similar Products

ActiveLED's line of Solar Controllers are highly efficient, reliable, and maintenance free.

Technical Information

Product Dimensions:
10.5"(L) x 8.0"(D) x 3.1"(H) (25 x 15.2 x 7.5 cm)

8.0 lbs (3.6 Kg)
Employed Technology:Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of Programmable PWM Current Source
Battery Pack Voltage: 52V-DC LiFePO4
Solar Array Input:● From 22 Watts minimum to 660 Watt maximum
● 77 volts maximum
● 16 amps maximum input current
LED Output:● Supports (connects to) up to eight driverless LED light fixtures
- Up to 24 Watt maximum per channel
- Up to 240 Watt total per Solar Controller
Connectors: ● DIN Rail screw terminals for Battery, Solar and Auxiliary Input
● DIN Rail screw terminals for LED Driver outputs
● Internal polarized connectors for IR Receiver, LED Indicators and 0...10V Legacy Dimming
Battery Management:Charges a 52Volt DC LiFePO4 Battery Pack
turns off battery from load when battery low until next sunrise.
Energy Factor:95% Efficiency or better

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