LightSpace® Remote Digital Motion / Occupancy Sensor (Hemispherical) with IR Receiver for ActiveLED® Lighting Systems

  • LightSpace® Remote Hemispherical Digital Motion / Occupancy Sensor with IR Receiver for ActiveLED® Lighting - Low DC Voltage, very low power consumption with an effective range of 35 feet

  • Controls one or many ActiveLED® lighting fixtures
    Each interconnected ActiveLED fixture / power supply relays the sensor signal to the next fixture in the chain, so that the number of LED lights that can be controlled from one ActiveLED motion / occupancy sensor is virtually limitless

  • Implement a manageable occupancy zone when combined with an ActiveLED Digital Dimmer or LightSpace Manager (recommended) (up to 10 sensors per dimmer) to save even more energy.

    A 104 Watt fixture that is dimmed down to light level 40 when there is no motion sensed consumes just 9.36 Watt (9% of 104 Watt), saving 94.64 Watt, 91%

  • Each Motion / Occupancy Sensor is powered by the single ActiveLED lighting fixture to which it is directly connected

  • Incorporating the optional IR Receiver, Manage and Reprogram light fixtures, including maximum and minimum light levels and motion timing (duration and delay), saving even more energy

  • Mounts to a standard electrical junction box or flat surface using the included universal mounting plate and associated screws

  • Choice of two versions of the Hemispherical ActiveLED Motion / Occupancy Sensor.
    One version has a standard sensing cone that is 50° from the perpendicular (100° total cone) while the other has a wide sensing cone that is 65+° from the perpendicular (135° total cone)

  • Satisfies the occupany zone requirements of 2006 IECC

LightSpace® Remote Digital Motion / Occupancy Sensor (Hemispherical) with IR Receiver for ActiveLED® Lighting

Uses Smart Technology to enable ActiveLED® C-Type Lighting equipment in a defined Occupancy Zone to be turned off, on or dimmed based upon sensed motion or occupancy, saving even more energy and therefore cost - 35 feet effective range

ActiveLED® Lighting consumes at least 50-85 percent less energy than conventional lighting.

With its patented design and superior LED elements, ActiveLED Lighting is a reliable light source with a 90,000-hour lumen life, making it a maintenance-free solution for applications where changing bulbs and ballasts can be hazardous and expensive. Additional and substantial energy savings can be achieved by implementing an environmentally safe LED lighting / occupancy zone

ActiveLED® Remote Motion Sensor Application

The Remote Digital Motion / Occupancy Sensor is designed to be connected to an ActiveLED C-Series power supply. One Sensor can control one or many LED lighting fixtures, providing the ability to adjust light levels to suit occupancy needs while saving even more energy. To allow each remote motion sensor application to be tailored to the individual customer's installation, it is strongly recommended that at least one LightSpace Manager be part of the lighting configuration.

The digital sensor is connected to the sensor input of one ActiveLED lighting fixture using a 6-wire cable terminated with 6-pin RJ-12 connectors.

A group of controlled ActiveLED light fixtures (C-Series power supplies) can be interconnected to form an occupancy zone using a 4-wire communication link that is terminated in RJ-11 / RJ-12 connectors.

The Hemispherical Motion Sensor includes an on-board IR Receiver (Passive Infra-Red) which allows the Sensor (and therefore the attached ActiveLED fixtures) to be remotely managed and reprogrammed using the optional ActiveLED Remote Hand-held IR Programmer. For example, if the use of a defined lighting zone needs to be redefined, the maximum and minimum light levels and dimming parameters of the ActiveLED fixtures can all be reprogrammed using the optional Remote Hand-Held IR Programmer from a distance of up to 50 feet.

ActiveLED® Occupancy Zone / Lighting "Network"

Up to 999 ActiveLED lighting fixtures that can be controlled from a single ActiveLED motion / occupancy sensor. Each interconnected LED fixture / power supply relays the sensor setting to the next connected fixture, thereby giving unlimited flexibility in managing a defined ActiveLED Lighting Occupancy Zone.

Adding a digital dimmer or LightSpace Manager to the configuration (recommended) offers additional management capabilites, further reducing power consumption and therefore energy costs of the lighting fixtures within the Occupancy Zone.

Depending upon the size and shape of the defined space and the number of entry and exit points, one digital dimmer and/or LightSpace Manager can be combined with up to 10 (ten) motion/occupancy sensors in designing the occupancy zone to provide the maximum energy savings.

The Hemispherical ActiveLED Motion / Occupancy Sensor has an effective range of 35 feet and has a sensing cone that is 65+° from the perpendicular (135° total cone).

Motion Sensor 00-27-0612-0000 Drawing

Installing the Hemispherical Motion Sensor

Installation is a simple and straightforward process. The included universal mounting plate has several mounting hole patterns to accommodate most environments, including USA-style and UK-style Junction Boxes. The outer (hemispherical) cover then attaches to the universal backplate with just two screws and the appropriate cable as described above is used to connect the motion sensor assembly to the ActiveLED lighting network.

ActiveLED® Brightness Settings and Fixture Power Consumption


% Power

ActiveLED® Brightness Settings relative to Fixture Power Consumption



The ActiveLED system architecture is unique in its efficiency, design and the way the ActiveLED Elements are driven. This chart accurately details the substantial energy savings that can be achieved when deploying a manageable ActiveLED lighting network.

Combining this architecture with a LightSpace™ Appliance, including the LightSpace Manager-IR, provides additional energy savings that are somewhat exponential to the reduced light level.

This same chart and percentages not only apply to any of our lighting fixtures with the external dimming controls, including the Rotary Digital Dimmer and the LightSpace Manager, but also to any pre-programmed ActiveLED fixture.

The light output of ActiveLED fixtures can be dimmed in 50 steps (steps are represented on the display as 0,2...100), the chart on the left accurately portrays the percentage power consumption for each incremental brightness setting of 10.




















0 (off)

Optional Cables for the Remote Digital Motion Sensor

The ActiveLED® Motion Sensor connects to an ActiveLED power supply as per the EDSaP wiring specification, using either standard RJ12 6-wire "flat ribbon" cable using RJ-12 male connectors (Flat-Ribbon recommended).

Interconnect each ActiveLED lighting fixture to provide a lighting network / occupancy zone as per the EDSaP wiring specification, using either Standard RJ-11 / RJ12 (4-wire) "flat ribbon" or UTP cabling (Flat-Ribbon recommended).

NOTE: Cables not included in the price of the Motion Sensor.

ActiveLED® Technology

ActiveLED uses the latest in energy efficient LEDs and LED modules producing equivalent or greater light output than fluorescent (HID) fixtures. Our state-of-the-art electronics monitor current and temperature of the substrate to assure maximum performance under the prevailing environmental conditions and a Lumen Lifetime of 90,000 hours (90% Luminous Flux).

Significant savings from not having to maintain and renew incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes in light fixtures, reduced heat generation and energy use justify the initial outlay.

ActiveLED® Warranties

We provide mechanically robust LED lighting systems; our warranties are 10 years on LED elements, fixtures, drivers / power supplies and Motion / Occupancy Sensors.

ActiveLED is an ISO 9001:2015 company, providing products of the highest quality designed and manufactured in Texas and in the United Kingdom.

Part Numbers - ActiveLED® Remote Hemispherical Motion / Occupancy Sensor:

00-27-0610-0000, 135° wide cone and integrated IR Receiver,

00-27-0101-0000, Optional Hand-Held IR Programmer, for details CLICK HERE.

Technical Information

Sensor Connection to LED Light: 6-pin flat ribbon or UTP cable with
RJ-12 Connectors
Inter-Connect, LED to LED Fixture:4-pin flat ribbon cable with
RJ-11 / RJ-12 Connector
Prerequisites:• ActiveLED lighting fixture with the Digital Management option (comms ports).
• LightSpace Manager (recommended)
Sensor Connection to other ActiveLED Appliances:6-pin flat ribbon cable with
RJ-12 Connectors
Sensing Range:

• Motion up to 35 feet.
• Sensing Cone; 65° from the perpendicular 135° total cone).
• IR Receiver up to 50 feet

Powered by the attached ActiveLED fixture (12 volts DC)
Regulatory Compliance:cUL listed, CE, suitable for damp locations.
RoHS compliant.

4.75" O/D x 1.63" high (12.1 x 4.1 cm).

19 ounces (0.54 Kg)
Default Factory Settings:After 10 minutes of no motion, dim light down to warning level 70.
After 10 seconds of no motion, dim from L70 down to and hold at level 40.
When motion is sensed, go to full brightness.

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