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ActiveLED Security Lights - Features

ActiveLED Security Lighting products require so little power and still provide superior illumination making them perfect for solar and wind energy powered systems without any compromise in light output or mechanical performance.

ActiveLED Security Lighting Fixtures operate from 100VAC to 277VAC, 50 or 60Hz and have the lowest energy consumption due to Ringdale's patented technology keeping the light source cool to touch, this also guarantees the lifetime of the LED to be in excess of 90,000 continuous or interrupted operating hours. ActiveLED fixtures carry a 10 year "No Light Loss" guarantee.

ActiveLED solar security lighting is accepting 48V-DC or 12V-DC as a battery system. Solar (Wind) Charger and LED Driver are in the light fixture, so all you need is the light fixture, solar panel and battery or batteries for a 48 Volt system. Ringdale manufactures PV mounting kits and battery boxes as well as providing installation recommendations.

High on Features:

  • Easy to maintain single thumb-screw on junction box can be opened without tools
  • On-the-pole, field repalceable power supply
  • Dusk-to-dawn photo sensor which is guaranteed for the lifetime of the fixture (can be disabled by switch or program)
  • ActiveLED Security Light Fixtures can be programmed on the ground, in the field or on the pole using an IR or a LightSpace™ ZigBEE radio link module
  • Parameters that can be changed from the ground, using an optional wired or wireless EDSaP link, include:

    • ON Light Level 10..100%
    • OFF Light Level 0..100%
    • Timer-1 and Light Level-1 from Dusk Trigger
    • Timer-2 and Light Level-2 from expiry of Timer-1
    • Timer-3 and Light Level-3 from expiry of Timer-2
    • Dusk / Dawn Sensor Trigger Point

Other options and accessories:

  • Motion sensor - Four zone PIR with very high sensitivity - ~60ft radius at 20ft mounting height
  • User defined "zone program" enabling lighting management within pre-defined hours and light levels
  • EDSaP compliant Infra Red (IR) link on the fixture
  • USB to IR dongle for laptop for changing parameters of the security light from a distance
  • Atomic Clock Receiver Module

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